Best privacy messenger app?

works well for both, no real limit to group call count, no time limit, you can adjust the video resolution to what ever you want, audio is excellent too.


Very interesting. Do you run your own server? I’d like to (eventually) set up my own server for the webcam classes I do, and was thinking Jami, Matrix, or Jitsi. If you’ve set up a server, do share your experience :slight_smile:

no I just run JAMI to speak to a few key people in my team privately , one is in Central America, voice and video works great Peer 2 Peer. If we were bigger and had large groups like what you are doing, I would certainly set up a Turn server to scale up streaming for concurrent live groups… right now, I just use the multi Turn server WAN mesh the Savoir Faire Linux has operating in North America. (big swarrn events)

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more info Savoir-faire Linux on LinkedIn: #eoss24 #embeddedossummit #seattle #yoctoproject #vscode #opensource

Interesting app. I haven’t tried it yet

I’ve to people promoting it. Their terms and conditions of app usage is in direct conflict of how they claim the app works. That alone is either stupid, suspicious or outright deceptive.

Interesting. I did start to get suspicious when i saw tether was behind it.

Have they open sourced it yet?