Become an e-citizen of e-stonia

This could work well with SAFE, or even better provide a template for SAFE-citizenship.


This is great. Thanks, Mark!

“The beginning of the end of the nation state” is not a bad way to put it, because if the tanks should start to move into Estonia to suppress this sort of move toward dispersing central control, “E-stonia” could indeed just pretty much go virtual and set up its meat space interfaces in another relatively friendly local, or multiple locals. It might even end up being a morphing in to SAFE citizenship rather than a template. Project SAFE, elimination central hubs of servers, etc., will make this move almost irresistable.

Estonia being able to put a remnant-of-the-nation-state seal of “officialness” will be a great bridge. Next Iceland will add their brand, then Sealand, then Panama and we’re off to the races.

“Affiliated Citizens of Safespace” would be a great project for some industrious team–down the line a little.

Next will be sub groups of cyberclans, which would include various perks of protection, advocacy, meatspace refuge–various and sundry services exclusive to members.


To apply for one, you need to make visit a Police and Border Guard office in Estonia – there you need to submit an application and provide biometrical data (your facial image and fingerprints) for background check.

Hmmmm so I can’t just show my passport + smile during a Skype video call?

@happybeing thanks 4 sharing