The SAFE Network Employment Solution

Working for an Autonomous Network?
This sounds like an alien concept to some people.

Traditional employment suffers from…

  • Nepotism/friend hiring.
  • Race, religion, gender discrimination.
  • Background checks.
  • Drug tests.
  • Tax withholding.
  • Retirement looting.

The SAFE Network enables the following benefits…

  • Instant hire.
  • Same pay regardless of race, religion, or gender.
  • Employee security and anonymity.
  • Independent contractor.
  • Work from home, and possibly mobile.
  • Unlimited room for advancement.

If you consider the above, would it be insane to see a job AD to work for the SAFE Network?

Seeking Vault Farmers!
Seeking Application Builders!
Seeking Core Developers!
Seeking Content Creators!

What if working for SAFE became a mainstream way to earn a base income. At the very least, this has huge implications for a world trending towards more unemployment. Hold on to your hats. I suspect things will take off quickly. :horse_racing:


See actually unemployment is a good thing. When you are self sufficient you don’t need to trade your labour for stuff. Unemployment is only a problem for those who lack self sufficency. So I think the ultitimate goal shouldn’t be to end unemployment (thus promoting more dependence) but rather to promote self suffciency using technology and thus removing the need to be employed.


Unemployment is not a good thing. Your right about self sufficiency being a good thing; but not everyone has the same risk tolerance. The label isn’t important, what is important is that everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the SAFE Network and be rewarded for that contribution. This is most likely the most important and fairest opportunity being made available in recent memory. Hats off to David Irvine and the rest of the MaidSafe Team!


Haha sounds like: “Work for Skynet” haha

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Except in stead of “APPLY NOW”

It would just be “START”


Yeah, I was also thinking about… “INSTALL NOW”


Someone with more savvy than I have should put together some estimates of just how much is spent and earned by the likes of google, yahoo, rackspace and other cloud storage/service providers, then divide that out and show the amount of potential value available to individuals by replacing those services with their spare resources. The economics might be surprising.

I don’t know about “generating a sustainable income” is possible through farming, but it should easily be a considerable net gain, compared to what people put in. Some graphic (verbal and/or drawn) representation of this might be quite valuable for adoption.

Essentially let’s take a look at how many billions we’re spending, one way or another, to have leaches attached in the form of middlemen, and what it might look like to be able to provide the resources ourselves, eliminate the middlemen, and each take a share of the value provided.

Might or might not add up to employment, but it’s a compelling view.


I think the leech middleman cost is significant in the industry (most industries) and that point alone leaves much promise to the future SAFE contributors.


Of course this is all nice to dream about but when will it be put into practice and made a reality.

Also what’s wanted under “content creation” or does that just mean the network would pay you for creating any content?

Is there a traffic/usage based tip suggestion mechanism? For example, 100,000 people are accessing X data: suggested tip 0.5 safecoin or 50 people accessing Y data: suggest tip 5.00 safecoin. So that popular data is cheaper per person and more heavily cached and uses less resources per request. Non-popular data may be a little slower and might cost more per person using it. Is that the idea?

Also, I think I’ve read that some applications would just charge an amount to use them, while some would rely on tips. I would like to see this area of maidsafe more fleshed out or find where it is discussed.

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These threads below talk about rewarding people for “popular” content. Specific details for implementation are still being debated… but it is on the wishlist for development. That is why I included it in the OP.