AWS Lambda == "compute"

I just heard about this today: AWS Lambda - Wikipedia

I was struck by the fact that it is platform agnostic (they call it “serverless”): You simply buy “compute” that responds to outside events. Is there anything to learn from this, for implementing compute on SAFE?


So my understanding is you give Lambda code to run and it manages everything from there, no OS install, no network settings, no server settings. There may be something there we can learn from as, in the SAFE Net’s futures, when distributed computing is implemented I see it working very similar to this, though I may be wrong. I believe Google Cloud Compute has a very similar service to this. Very interesting indeed!

One thing I see potentially troublesome is how to charge for such a service on SAFE. Lambda seems to charge for time of computation in increments of 100ms, not sure how timed computation would work on SAFE. There is probably an alternative out there though.