Anyone else joining the SAFE Webring?


Websites which have added the Webring code to their website and uploaded it to SAFE network can join The SAFE Webring which is now LIVE!

Note: your website must have index.html as the index page.

Visit the webring here: http://the.safewebring.safenet

Click next, previous or random (in the banner).

NOTE: the Webring will not be available for some time after a network reset because all websites will need to be uploaded again, and then a request made to me to include them in the new Webring, which I must then upload again.

UPDATE: The first Webring has reached 12 websites - thank you to everyone who contributed! I will wipe all websites from the webring whenever the network is reset, and then start adding new links if you post a request here or in the main safenet links topic.

NOTE: If you were in the first Webring, I won’t repost your website until you have uploaded to the new testnet and asked again to be included in the new Webring.

Tuesday 8th March: I’m very busy again, so will try but can’t promise to include every website posted, or how soon, but if people post by Wednesday midday I’ll try my best to include you (see note about content below)

Content suitable for this Webring: since in effect I am hosting the Webring I have decided to ask you to keep the content acceptable to a wide range of people who might stumble upon your website. It would be different if they were looking for content using a search engine, or following a link that indicates what they are about to visit. But this is part of the public face of SAFEnetwork and the content we provide to show it around will reflect of the community and the project, so I think it is important we consider this. I expect people will want to show the Webring to their friends, and I want this Webring to be something people feel OK to share with friends, family, strangers etc. - I showed my elderly mum for example. So please respect my request and keep your Webring submissions suitable for everyone’s friends, family, and others of all ages, genders, philosophy, sock colour etc. For the avoidance of any doubt, cat videos may or may not be acceptable :smile_cat:

If anyone doesn’t like this, please take it up with me, but respect my request here. The last Webring was great fun, and IMO a great success and a credit to this community as well as nice way to show off the SAFEnetwork project. Let’s do it again! And again! And again during testing, so we can all show it off far and wide :slight_smile: Thanks again for all those contributions.

The first SAFE Webring got up to 12 websites - and would have been more if I’d had time to update it again. Apologies you those who posted a link that I didn’t get time to include.

Details of what you need to do are in How To Join The SAFE Webring

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Two more websites are lining up to join the SAFE Webring later today (six hours or so) thanks to @riddim and @DavidMtl.

Still time to join in - the more the better (see the OP for instructions).

Hey, I’d also like to join the webring. It’s like in the 90s all over again. :slightly_smiling:



Hey @happybeing, here’s 3 more sites that use the banner but aren’t included in the ring:


I’m taking the assumption they want to be included.

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Let me know if your website is ready but not listed - just post the link below and I’ll pick it up. If you want to get your website ready for the webring see:

Details of what you need to do are in How To Join The SAFE Webring

one of the addresses in the ring is http://platypus.riddim.safenetindex.html/ , it doesn’t work for obvious reasons.

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Fixed! Thank you… always that last trivial change that you didn’t test :slightly_smiling:


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Added :slightly_smiling:



Added :slightly_smiling:


Hmmm, not yet added.

Also, I wonder if people will get any updates that you make to http://the.safewebring.safenet/webring.js or if their browser will cache the old version?

Sorry @Tom_Carlson, I’m not sure how that happened - I must have miss-pasted at some point. I’ve been listening to your music all evening though. Enjoying it very much.

Should be there now. Apologies. Load http://the.safewebring.safenet and hit previous.

If anyone else wants to join let me know by early GMT Wednesday (2nd
March) and I’ll make sure you are included in an update some time after


Don’t worry it’s lust free. Also, all of the links on my page are functional. I uploaded each page as a separate SAFE site after pre linking them using predecided service names. This gives the site the feel of a clearnet equivalent and works around the 1MB limit in a sense.

If you’re open minded enough (which I’m sure you are), you can also add my http://houseof.joyda.safenet/ to the webring. It’s just a site with a nice message (IMO) and some beautiful ladies very comfortable with their sexuality. No nudity.

I’m working on something a little more revealing. :wink:

It’s to be seen how well received it’ll be (deemed acceptable for the webring). Basically just hosting clearnet images on a public SAFE site. Nothing to go bonkers about… It’s just my taste in women. But hey, I acknowledge the conservatism here.

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What happened? Was my site not worthy of the precioussssss! :imp: The ring that is…!? :open_mouth: