Any plans to release an app for Umbrel?

Are there any plans to release an app for Autonomi on Umbrel ( I’ve been running Umbrel for a while now to easily run a bitcoin node. There’s loads of other apps on there and I think that the people running an Umbrel would definitely be interested in running a (few) Autonomi nodes. Not sure this has been discussed (didn’t get a hit on a search of Umbrel). There are similar project like Start9 (, but Start9 is a bit more hardcore when it comes to security.

For any programmer interested in this, this is the link to Umbrel’s github that they link to for people that want to launch their app on Umbrel: umbrel-apps/ at master · getumbrel/umbrel-apps · GitHub


What do you mean by App, I am trying to understand what you expect someone to say.

If you can compile the node or client software on the OS then I see no reason why you couldn’t run your nodes or run the client.

Then any apps written that use the antonomi network apis or client and be able to be compiled on it will work. There really isn’t anything that is a “release an app for Umbrel”

Maybe you can explain further.

Antonomi is designed to be as hardware agnostic as possible meaning if you can compile the code to run on it then it runs. Nothing special for different hardware/os. And at a glance its probably a port of unix/linix anyhow.

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Umbrel is an easy way to run several apps like Bitcoin. You go to their app store and just install it and you don’t need to worry about the details. You want Mempool to go with it? Install the app from their app store and it works with the Bitcoin client you installed.

Maybe my image of how we will use Autonomi is completely wrong, but I’d assume we’d have to install a server (nodes?) and / or client (to use the network) on our PC to use it. It would be great if that could be done by apps in the Umbrel store. So that people that already run an Umbrel for let’s say a Bitcoin node can add the Autonomi server (nodes) and / or Client and use it from their Umbrel.

It would just be an easy way to get a lot of people that already run a home server using Umbrel to also start running Autonomi nodes. I get that they can just run it on any other machine, but most wouldn’t manually install it on their machine / RPI running Umbrel. Especially because it’s also tailored to people that aren’t so technical as to run their own linux machine and manually install all the services they offer as an app on Umbrel.


I think it’ll be like apps on your phone.

What you sound like your asking is an app to run nodes. And that’ll probably come about after launch since its not needed for launch. Maybe someone will compile the node software for the device

And apps using the client will follow if there is enough interest, but sounds like its not really an interactive type of device.

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It’s just a home server that you can approach through your browser. It works really well for people that want to run a server but don’t have the technical ability to run one from scratch. Thought it would be a good way to get more nodes up.

Also wondering why we won’t need nodes at launch? Will it just be a MaidSafe run network? That doesn’t make it very decentralized from the get go. I figured we’d want as many people run nodes from the get go.

Where did you see that? It’s not true. The testnets already have users from around the globe running nodes. By launch this will increase exponentially.

There is an effort to get :ant: into Debian repo’s as well. I don’t see any issue with working to get it in app stores and so also I presume onto Umbrel.


That isn’t what I was saying. Its a case of only being able to do so many things. Windows, Linux, Mac covers most hardware in use by the tech people and by far most of the population. Things like phones and other systems such as NAS will be targetted after launch, or by community members.

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The way I read it was there will be no nodes at all, but he explained it already in the next post that he meant other than Windows, Mac, Linux. I think Umbrel is Linux based though. As said I am not a programmer / technically savvy. Just thought it may be a chance for Autonomi to reach a user base that already run their own servers and are likely to be interested in Autonomi and running some nodes. I’m not saying MaidSafe itself should focus on it, but perhaps a programmer who sees it as a challenge / opportunity could easily get the MaidSafe app working on Umbrel.


It’s an interesting idea but unless Umbrel is very widespread the initiative is probably going to have to be with someone who uses it and wants to add this for themselves and others.

There are also other systems like this, such as Next Cloud / OwnCloud and supporting them would be useful for the reasons you state.

I don’t expect the initiative will be taken up by this community though, because although that model is a step in the right direction most here want to eliminate servers because they aren’t accessible enough.

Running an Autonomi node is much easier than running one of those servers, and you won’t even need to run a node to access Autonomi applications.

It is possible someone will be interested of course, so well with you asking and pointing this out.


debian repo would be good, Canonical would probably interested too, for the Ubuntu community edition which underpins Linux
Mint a popular desktop windowing environ .


It looks like it will be straight forward to setup an Umbrel “app” for Autonomi.

  1. umbrelOS 1.0 is a complete architectural overhaul, rewritten from the ground up for improved performance, reliability, and user experience.

  2. The new design incorporates glassmorphism for a modern, intuitive interface across desktop and mobile.

  3. New features include customizable home screen widgets, a universal search function (⌘K), quick actions via right-click, live usage monitoring, factory reset, and support for 7 new languages.

  4. Alongside the software update, Umbrel is launching an upgraded, faster Umbrel Home plug-and-play device with an Intel CPU, 16GB DDR5 RAM, and 2TB SSD at a more accessible price point.

  5. umbrelOS 1.0 lays the foundation for future developments like https support, backups, and domain names.

  6. The release emphasizes Umbrel’s mission of empowering users to reclaim ownership of their data through simplicity and privacy. Community involvement is encouraged via Discord and forums.

umbrelOS 1.0 will be rolling out on March 18, 2024, both as a fresh install and as a software update for our Umbrel Home and Raspberry Pi users. And in April 2024, for our Ubuntu and Debian users running umbrelOS 0.5.