Alternate Reality Game Proposal

Bitcoin Technologies ARG

An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players’ ideas or actions.

I am part of a project that seeks to benefit the entire Bitcoin community, including MaidSafe. We believe the decentralization and distribution features of MaidSafe would be showcased in an ARG project.

Bitcoin technology, as well as Ant technology, are the future and gaming is a favorite past time. ARGs are the perfect vehicle to inspire education and create a sense of community. There are no better motivators than competition and monetary prizes. Bitcoin technologies provide the ideal reward system for education through gameplay and puzzles. We are entering a new phase of Bitcoin, an era where cryptography, cryptocurrency, decentralization, and distribution are deemed “thrilling.”

Our ARG development team has recognized this road to mass adoption and enlightenment. We have selected MaidSafe for a unique opportunity to participate in the ultimate game-changer. We’re ready, are you?

All interested parties may email for further details.


Woop Woop!

This is the sort of thing I envisaged for the Safe network from the start really. My vision was to have a virtual world mirroring the real world with Safecoin as its internal currency and nothing else. Everything from the real world would be transferred, as all the info from the internet is transferred to Safe Network. I envisaged a whole new eco-system and a currency that would become universal - this would actually enhance free-trade rather than hinder it using multiple currencies.
The argument got lost somewhere. I think I didn’t articulate myself very well at the time and I was confused between the platform Maidsafe provided and the need for this to be an app. I just thought it could be the app.
This is the biggie to my mind. There has been talk of creating a “Safeland” in a recent thread. This may be tricky to achieve geographically in real life, but a virtual world could be worth thinking about. I would expect some clever legal arguments could be constructed for recognising this virtual eco-system/territory as operating independently in a de-centralised way. Interesting area anyway.

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Check out Johannes in Monitas, this is an area him and I share a great deal of interest in. He has done a load of the legal testing etc. it is possible.

I’ll keep you guys updated with progress with ytcoinartist via this thread. It seems like a very innovative way of promoting the SAFE network to a relevant audience.

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wow really…come on David , don’t tease…any plans…lol? Anyway I’ll check him out…it’s just that I can see it…and taste it…great stuff

Quick tease then @AlKafir, check out the UNIDROIT ( principles and imagine and agreeable set of laws without jurisdictional barriers on a decentralised infrastructure. Talk about game changing!

Will do, just got to drop my gear off for work tomorrow, then I shall immerse myself. Cheers
PS, my daughter’s almost qualified as a solicitor (Corporate Law…hangs head in shame…where did I go wrong?) and I mentioned it might be an idea to look at Crypto regulation, this could be something else. Nice one.

Sorry what is “Johannes in Monitas”…I can’t find anything …lol

He meant Johann Gevers from Monetas

edit: This is a nice Ted talk from him btw:


Thanks for the link…love TED. Yes this is it…great stuff.