A tutorial request

Hearing the installers will come out soon, I’m wondering if somebody could make a video tutorial on setting up a raspberry pi to run a node. From the moment you unbox the raspberry and install linux until you connect to the network. Something followable with ease, even by older nontechnical people.
Also, vis-a-vis those installers that are on their way: do one need safecoins to use this installers to chat for example with another node? Do you have to possess 1 safecoin to join the network via these first installers, or you can join having 0 safecoins? What features are these first installers going to have (storage, farming, messaging ?)


I can only say that you won’t need safecoins because they’re not available yet. Now wait for others to answer your other questions :blush:.


Even once safecoin is in play, you won’t need any to install the Client and Vault software and join the network. Messaging I’m not sure about, but viewing any public data will also not require safecoin. But keeping your Vault running for a while should allow you to have safecoin pretty quickly, then you’re off to the races!

I’m sure someone will make tutorials fairly soon, but not instantly. I’ll bet that you, yourself, could slog through the process and then make a video once you’ve sorted it out. That would be great. If you can’t make it work, I’m sure aid will come soon.

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I’m sure we should have cross compiled libraries to work on a Raspberry Pi 2. This is something I’ve been extensively experimenting with. It has many steps and yet to compile the tutorial for this. I’m also assuming that any person following the tutorial for setting up on a RPI2 would want to easiest to follow, lowest tech steps as possible.

This looks like you are wondering if test farming and farming requires you to own safecoin in advance. That would be a no, you do not have to own safecoins in advance to farm with your computer.

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