A MaidSafe / SafeNetwork presence at Melbourne Sexpo?

This is a call-out to MaidSafe the company, plus a request for general input to the proposition.

Every year the adult industry puts on a public expo/trade-show in Melbourne.

The issues around privacy and security for the adult industries and their customers is becoming a leading topic lately, especially with the recent abandonment of BackPages by credit card companies and the resultant issues in paying for ad placements. http://cryptogoss.com/ (our local podcast) will soon be featuring a guest sex worker here in Oz to discuss payment options in actual trade, BackPages and other issues where the sex industry may become prime movers in crypto generally and maybe SafeNetwork in particular?

So, should SafeNetwork and/or MaidSafe have a presence at Melbourne Sexpo, http://www.sexpo.com.au/, November the 5th to the 8th? We have a list of potential sponsors, the cost of a stand for NFPs is AUD$1500, business AUD$3000.

My questions, then, are as follows:

  • Is this a positive, sensible, useful thing to do or not?
  • If we get a stand, will MaidSafe help us out with collateral and even a contribution to the cost of the stand?
  • Can we get help with our messaging, proposition? We would be speaking to other exhibitors and the general public.

I look forward to your responses, and in particular to someone from MaidSafe jumping in here.

Many thanks

Peter Robertson


hahaha - brilliant idea I’d say :open_mouth:

as seen with Betamax vs. VHS: whether we like it or not, adult content industry sets standards … of course I don’t want MS to have the image of being a porn-network… it’s way to valuable for mankind for having such an image… but sex industry would be a powerful partner wanting similar things we want … :wink: … an internet respecting everybodys privacy with secure access for everyone^^ =D

But of course this is only my opinion and I’m not sure if I’m able to estimate consequences of such a move

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Thanks for your comment. Yes, (Betamax vs VHS), remember it well, and yes, porn has driven the online audio-visual experience. I’m really going to be guided here as much as I can by the community, I’m unsure myself if this is a good idea yet, but we need to consider it, and if we’re to do it, we need to move quickly.

maybe a introduction pamphlet to the stand holder to expand there business would be great, I do not know what the business holder culture are like when introduced to new technology, but as the government are collecting meta data on the public it maybe a selling point for adult industry as there costumers may want some more privacy.

Actually, Peter, if the network were well functioning and starting to gain ground generally, I think it would be great to promote in this venue. Bitcoin should be promoted heavily in this circle, as it’s fairly well established and ready to go into action for these guys.

The SAFE Network isn’t. You’d be promoting a potential future solution that you can’t demonstrate and only share a wonderful dream as far as they are concerned. Not practical and wouldn’t be drawing any developer potential out of that community, likely, anyway. And the PR association wouldn’t gain anything much, and could be a negative. If we could do anything substantial now, that would be different, but we’re not there yet.

As I say though, if the Bitcoin crowd there isn’t doing something, they’re missing something they could do to start getting wider adoption.


A bit more reflection and Fergish’s input (thanks John) causes me to think that this is actually not an idea who’s time is yet come. See Fergish response, I think he encapsulates the reasons well, no need to repeat. If we go at all, it will be under a general crypto banner, but it’s probably a bit of a rush this year. Perhaps next year we can reconsider. Thanks for the input here and for those that talked to us about it off-list.


It’s very possible that this industry will quite naturally be drawn to the SafeNetwork, and the SafeNetwork could further revolutionise this industry (if that’s even possible). I’m imagining potential marketing material for future events - Windows and AAPL all pimped up to the hilt with all their fancy gadgets, and maidsafe, simple, fast, private peer to peer network. #DumpUrPimp and jump on the safenetwork… your computers’ condom :blush:

Yes when the network is live and growing, that will be time to market it to these sectors.

While I am not or otherwise supporting these industries the following will, I expect, be drawn to the SAFE network

  • adult industry where anonymity is desired by “customers”/users
  • (“adult”) dating sites where he users do not wish to leave “tracks” to their use of the services.
  • torrent users
  • nntp binary group users. Free for ever rather than $xx per month for x years
  • and so on.

Nice :slight_smile: Thanks T, and yes to all you said.

Yes, I think that in a year, a well-considered approach, with the help of the community, will be a very good thing. And, yes, it’s not time yet.