2 Maidsafe mentions on Soveryn Tech and LTB - David Johnson from Factom

we’re getting more and more Maidsafe mentions in podcasts it seems… from the trickle of mentions by Trace Meyer on Bitcoin.kn and now brief mention by Brian Soveryn and also by Factom chairman on LTB show from today I think. He as specifically links potential hosting solutions to SAFE in a very positive tone :wink:
Seems like the organic PR is picking up !


Brian Sovyrn name drops maidsafe at least once every couple to few episodes. Once MVP or full release is out I’m sure he’ll dedicate an episode to it. If he doesn’t for some crazy reason I’m sure many of his maidsafe listeners will be quite dissapointed.


… I’m sure Paige and David will work their magic on him… :wink: it’s got to happen! also I’d like to see a Trace Meyer/ David I. interview :smiley:

I went to see Andreas Antonopolous last night here in Barcelona… I’m managed to get in the very first question and asked him about Maidsafe, he gave a positive reply… it was live streamed but I’m still searching for the link… will post asap


I’d really like to see David Irvine be interviewed by Socrates from singularity 101. Once the network launches it’d be cool if someone made that happen!


Really like Andreas and his presentations.

Another short article by Safecoin VC investor David Johnston. I agree that the 3 projects he highlights (Safe, Ethereum and Factum) are the most interesting ones to have emerged after bitcoin. Think it’s a bit premature to say the SAFE Network is ‘live’ though:

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I’d say it is, those websites at .safenet have to use some system, that’s the system found at the github. to me it’s living

Factom seems a bit overrated, and hardly on the same level as Ethereum or SAFE.

Governments are kept “honest” with force, a hash somewhere won’t change that.

Precedence of one’s work can be assured by existing systems, such as a classified ad in the NY Times, or a patent application, and many others.

A hash isn’t the thing. They mention a hash of Project Gutenberg, which seems totally pointless. A hash won’t stop the thing from getting lost.

Hashes can be kept in many places.

But it’s got some really smart people on board, so obviously I’m wrong. :wink:

[EDIT] Whereas some people want to adapt every app, no matter how ill-fitting, to SAFE or blockchains, some other people want to use blockchains or SAFE to store everything including the kitchen sink, even though we already have a kitchen for that.

you’re not wrong about that

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