YouTube down ... Conspiracies are flowing

By now you’ve probably all heard YouTube was down.

They’ll never tell us the real reason why.

I’m wondering what the code was that came up on some users screens. Do we have any cryptologists or people that like puzzles here?

Apologize if this is not the correct image as I’ve seen a few different ones online.

Tin foil hat is secure.

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And it is back up, I have been watching docos for the last hour since it came back up

Real reason, they tried a windows server and had to “Turn it off and back on again” :joy:

Honestly these outages are always possible because nothing is perfect.


I love a good conspiracy.

Don’t you think thats bizarre though being that they dont have just one server farm in one spot?

Kind of a coincidence too it happened on the same day SAFE announce FLEMING :open_mouth::astonished::hushed:

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Go for your conspiracy :sunglasses:

But things can cause widespread outages, like DNS stuffups, or backend updating stuffups, or changing their internal credentials stuffups and a number of other reasons. Just because they have multiple datacentres there are still central points of failure. The site itself worked, just no backend stuff worked.

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There’s more to this rabbit hole.