You and I Need Our Own DAC for Building Projects

In the last post I promised that I would do another post on how DACs could be built and governed with the technology we have now. This link will take you to my proposal. I’m also proposing that we create our own DAC for building projects. See the link for more details.


This interview had an great example (how you can ask for features and when code is made that fit the requirement, the programmer gets paid). I’m to lazy to look up the part where they get into the details exactly, but might be worth listening to:

Just to give an idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome - I’ll check it out for future reference. Thanks Eddy.

The place where he talks about that is around timestamp 18:00 in case anyone else is interested.

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Such DACs even for producing a living could be flatter than flat in the vein of a credit union but also a bit of Rifken’s pro-sumer. No stock holders, no board members no execs no managers no supervisors. Everthing is pay as you go funded internally, evrn things like pensions past a vestment or contribution point. There is no pressure to produce in part because there is virtually zero overhead or depreciation in the mix.

They can also do real time anonymous communication for decision making for unfiltered decision making and decisions based on merit not arbitrary force of personality - a great force for equity and anti pecking order.