Work with Voice over LTE

Could maidsafe be utilized with volte?

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@alexanderdan0226 would you mind bringing me up to speed on what volte is?

I think it stands for Voice Over LTE, like VOIP.

Though, I suspect that the real meat of the question is back to latency. Will the latency be low enough to have a secure phone call through the safe network?

And the answer is, just like every other thing that depends on latency, we don’t know.

And just in case anyone is curious, according to this paper from the SANS institute:

To achieve high quality voice the maximum desired one-way latency is 150ms if round trip
delays exceed 250ms voice users will notice delays, and callers will start to talk over each
other. Anything beyond 500ms deems the call impractical.

So those are the basic latency benchmarks for VOIP.


Nice find, we will use this for testing.

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