How fast will be new internet?

How fast will be new MAID internet? It mostly depends on how much farmers there will be?

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Dont know but we are waiting for official wallets Or big exchange to listed maid…

And it will take time to adobt by people’s

But we trust them… Hope so all thing will be fine

Just my opinion, but latency may be a bit higher with Safe Network, so lots of small files may be slower by some small degree (someone will probably correct me there if I’m wrong). But large files should be fast, just as torrents are quick safe should be the same. It won’t be like other p2p solutions where you are pulling an entire file from one server through various hops.


We will only know for sure when we can test it. There will be caching for popular data, which will likely make a big difference. Also, with different data served from different locations, bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue. Latency for rarely used data may be the biggest challenge, but it may well be fast enough to be a good experience regardless.


With Vuze for example you can stream the p2p video file while it is being downloaded. I wouldn’t see any reason why real-time streaming is not possible with many chunks coming from peers.


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IIRC geography is not taken into account when assigning node identities in the distributed hash table. So a request to a seemingly close (in the hash table sense) node could be thousands of miles in real distance. A vanilla Safe Network might be a bit slower at first than the regular internet. Clever caching, as pointed out earlier, can alleviate that pain or even bring it to a point comparable to the regular internet. Either way, the existence of an indirection layer at all will probably mean that the caching scheme and speed are both going to be iterated on quite a bit after launch.

Safety and speed are often at odds, so while balancing the two is doable, it takes time and resources. This is also an active field of research, so we could see some interesting innovations in the coming years too. But I imagine if you had to pick, a sane priority order would be safety first, speed second.


:100:% this is our approach.