Windows 10 v privacy

Windows 10 is looking like a privacy nightmare…
Windows 10: So many issues and ‘features’ on by default.

Windows always did live up to its name. Alarming to hear today that still near 90% of desktops are M$. Apparently they are losing on tablets and phones, which may be more the future but still it would be nice to see more variety. A worry perhaps if users of SAFE are trusting that OS to hold passwords and account names.

I’m so glad I moved to Linux Ubuntu and then Mint… despite having an older PC, it works like a charm.



We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your
content (such as the content of your emails, other private
communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith
belief that doing so is necessary to protect our customers or enforce
the terms governing the use of the services.

are these terms for windows 10 only or for all version of windows?

also there is something i don’t quiet understand, how can windows get these infos? wouldn’t they need to work with internet providers too to have access to all these personal data?

No, they control the OS so they can just send all that data to their own servers.

They now have their own version of Siri, which I assume sends your voice/typing to the cloud. Plus all the other services are I think increasingly cloud based (such as email, and virus scanning shares data of course, and cloud storage/backup of course).

so what you are saying is that microsoft have access to all data on every computer on the planet running windows ( 90% ) ? scary if true, why does NSA even need to create spying programs when they can just work with windows lol

I am still confused as to how exactly is the data sent to them, say if i run windows on a laptop that has never touched the internet and never will , upload a pic of my holiday on my laptop then windows can get the file? if so how is the file transmitted?

Ah, I misunderstood you. Yes, an internet connection is required. I thought you meant Microsoft requiring active collaboration with internet service providers. That, they don’t.

Holy crap… Wow. That is insanity!

I switched from Windows a while ago to Linux full time, but ended up dual booting to Windows a fair amount for gaming. Gaming in Linux can be rough. However, a move like this… That frustrates me no end and I may have to suck it up and deal with the slightly subpar Linux gaming. I really don’t want to be associated at all with a company that does that.

Just make sure you enable full disk encryption for your Linux partition(s), so Microsoft definitely can’t snoop in your Linux data when you boot up Windows. If you use it only as the last resort for gaming, then you most likely won’t leak anything you’d mind.

I just sat through an advert telling me my kids would have no software security fears, thanks to window 10.

I think my response was something like ‘pah!’.

I just hope we can get Sirius or something similar to work on SAFE some day… Else the future of search will still be dominated by Big Brother.


I would love to see Viv labs build their platform on SAFE. They made the original siri before apple trashed it. So they say they’re going bigger and better this time. If they put it on SAFE, then it could be bigger, better, and more secure - which would be awesome.

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Except your wifi passwords to everyone you know. Make sure that your Wifi passwords aren’t common passwords used elsewhere or make sure you turn that wonderful “Share my Wifi password with my friends” feature off…

So stupid…

This is a thing? Is it on by default? Never heard of it. Who does it define as my friends? “are you friends with the owner of this Wifi network? Ya? Here’s the password…”?

I just Google that garbage… This company… Wow. It’s about as bad as my let’s make fun of the feature I know nothing about commend above…

My understanding after discussing the matter with my favorite Microsoft apologist is as follows: Whenever you connect to a wifi hotspot, it asks if you want to share it with your contacts… If you press yes, and you have the feature enabled (it’s on by default) if somebody in your contacts is visiting one of the hotspots on your list, they will have the keys for it…

which is so terrible on so many levels… “all of my contacts are from work, I’ll save the wifi password and share it so they don’t have to type it again ever…” Whats the next 0-day virus going to do? Add an account to everyone’s contacts. The attackers will then wardrive to their hearts content and have access to everyone’s networks… Sounds lovely.

That is a breach of (un)written T&C of most wifi hotspots like cafes and hotels and clubs. So Microsoft is willingly enabling anti-social activity!

They were bad in the past , but this a whole new level. No wonder they are giving win 10 away free, who would pay for it. And the uneducated will flock to it though.

I will have to play with it to see…

Supposedly it doesn’t give the visitor right to your network, just limited internet access. Not sure how that would work… Most routers are pretty dumb, and your are either connected or not…

Friends are not supposed to be able to share the password with their friends – Microsoft just loans them access via encryption… If they enter your Wifi password manually and microsoft hadn’t seen the access point in their massive database of access points yet, I don’t know what would stop them from sharing with all their friends…

Probably just trying to hand out all the goodies you would get with a real meshnet while still maintaining their monopoly and monothithic control.

Not sure either, its not a feature on any router I’ve seen. Guess they plan on using WIN10 network features to lock out those visiting by using their servers again to note who is visiting and lock them out of your files on WIN10 machines. Bad luck if you have other computers using other windows versions or Linux

Is there even a way to do this with android/linux? Would the password have to be decrypted for linux/android to use it for connection? In other words will it only work for the visitors who have WIN10 on their devices?

Just remember that your routers passwords will be shared with microsoft before you get to turn off the feature if you give any passwords for (wifi) internet access. I am sure microsoft will require internet access before installation is complete.

Window 10 might be their last OS once valve release steam console later this year. There are a lot of game devs, and software devs are pushing linux. I have high hope there will be a mass exodus.

Microsoft is a cancer to society.