Win10 spy's on you, opt-in is default

Microsoft opts users into their (what I’ll call) ‘monitor everything program’ for all new installations of Win10.

And that’s just the overt stuff. How about the stuff that’s not in the privacy agreement but is in the NSA backdoor? My guess is that that one is activated on steroids for anyone who opts out of too much of the “agreement.”

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I’m moving back to BeOS.
@dirvine will we have a version for Haiku? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Today I decided to give my privacy a boost and traffic 90% of my traffic through tor…

Why? Because last week I’ve upgrade internet connection and got a new router from my isp which I decided to use… but noticed some things that are not my favorite way of working lol

Can’t be Expert or Admin on my own router, only user – passw for technicians get pushed temporarily to the router by isp …
I tried a site I never use but know it’s not legit to enter in our country and boom nice red warning on my screen… piratebay
Can’t enter my news servers without tor anymore bla bla bla
Can’t change dns in the router which would probably solve many of these problems but it’s not allowed so buying a new one is the only option.

I’m not going to buy a new router simple lol just entering the world of tor now till maidsafe has enough content so it can replace regular daily tasks :wink:

I’ve tried tor again an it’s even workable these days cool latency is way better than some years back, download goes full blown cool …
maybe setting a relay or something on a digitalOcean droplet to help them nice
I know many will say tor is broken blabla but I’m not a wanted organisation or criminal so don’t think anyone benefits doing all the hassle of gathering all my packets together and decrypting them lol

Freedom forever !


Have you considered a VPN that does not keep logs. Its quicker and provides protection from your country’s snooping. Australia has enacted laws for blocking websites, recording a prescribed set of data on our comms, etc. VPN usage/interest has risen many times what it was.

A VPN encrypts your traffic to the VPN server and then sends it on on. Still best to use hhtps so that the traffic is still encrypted after the VPN. You can then choose any DNS server you wish. Typically you would get 1 - 2 years subscription for the price of a decent replacement router.

Combined with new AU laws concerning data retention, web blocking and the AG (never used a computer) Brandis about to enact legislation to dictate and control the internet infrastructure design and acquisition in Australia. With my need to upgrade my main computer. Has now pushed me to go the way of Xen (VMs) and use linux mainstream and only use windows (<= 7) where necessary. I will likely install win10 as one of the rarely used VMs in order to examine it.

Always found UNIX (since the 70’s) and later Linux a good operating system for (technical) business purposes, but now I am going to bite the bullet and use it for (almost) everything. I may have to use Win7 for some of my work with micro-controllers though.

Microsoft offering Windows for free. I laughed when I first heard it, they never give anything away free, they even prevented charities from leaving windows on computers they gave away to people in poor countries. Its obviously that they are attempting Google’s model and earn the money from their store and advertising which we saw introduced in part with WIN8. And I have no doubt that the US government has done a deal with MS (maybe to allow MS to remain a single company and not be split up). But of course there is money in all that personal data, just ask facebook

Probably try this also yes, I’m playing around a little… Seems that openvpn is pretty cool. I’ll try it cool. Do you have an idea what’s best proxy tools, best maintained etc ?

Maybe this will help bring on the situation Dan Carliin was talking about in his recent Back Doors to Glass Houses where the top 1000 power people in the world have their private details dumped and highlighted plus some untrue stuff thrown in for good measure resulting in them understanding that the damage from loss of privacy maybe greater than the terror stuff. He points out that if the US state can spy so can everyone else. Some don’t accept that but its seems more and more true. The comments from the Hacking Team about the ramifications of their own back door be discovered suggest this is the case. They essentially said that now releasing this to the net means countless big targets can be targeted with impunity. Which is interesting because they initially told the organizations they worked with to shut off their systems and dump the software. Apparently that isn’t enough, but is that a surprise?

All I see from 911 through 2008 to austerity is one big fraud. Think also of General Petreus. He head of the intelligence service got hacked by his own people and then some possibly of the same people where upset when they weren’t successful doing the same thing to the secretary of state.