Daily news about UK Surveillance Bill

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Okay now. It was objecting to my VPN for some reason.

SAFE and similar tech will hopefully completely undermine the utility of government spy claimes and the horid practice of being able to draw other people into the entrapment of strangers. Why are we having these idiotic Lennonist type arguments. There was a time under the Soviet Lennon period where at least in outlying territories it was a crime to be not only without papers but unaccompanied by at least two others because your accompaniment had to have you under surveilance and you them so that each could be relied upon to rat the others out all to protect the regime.

So if the EU says thankfully that Western firms cannot spy on their citizens the reciprocal is for those firms to take the disaggregated dumb pipe to such a level that states cannot practically ask them to turn over customer or citizen data. The practicality of the entrapment is withdrawn. All along this never had to do with simple criminality but with the state suppressing political opposition to austerity and increasing imposition of useless privilege.