Will Maidsafe organise a hackers contest before they go live?

I was wondering if Maidsafe will challenge us hackers with an organised contest to try to hack the system at all secured levels. Sorry for My bad English.


The short answer is YES so get your gang together and go for it when the invitation to hack is announced


There must be… I believe in the design, but the scope demands a hardcore greyhat test before people will be confident to trust the network with the kind of value that its ambition demands.

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Great marketing idea too!

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Might be a little ways off still. We’ll at least need test Safecoin which should behave the same as Safecoin though it won’t hold the value Safecoin therefore won’t desentivise cost prohibitive attack’s in the same way. But a good start and those limitations will already be known and will still have the cost of providing resources to attack. That will be exciting to watch the Networks resilience.