Will farming work on smart phones?

Will farming work on smart phones?

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The software will run for sure, but I have my doubts whether it’s worth the trouble. It’ll surely eat your battery and bandwidth, so you’re limited to when the charger is connected and reliable WiFi is available.

You might even be able to do it without WiFi as long as you have a data plan, but if you lose connection, your node loses rank (you lose “reputation” or whatever we are calling it today).

@chadrickm I’m not sure if you missed a big change in this respect to “non persistent vaults” (search if you did), which means this is much less of an issue than originally.


Thanks @happybeing,

Does anyone know if this write up was done and where it might be located?


This would only be a good idea if you had a few phones hooked up to your home wifi and with SD cards but then again if your going to go to all that trouble better off with some mini PC’s, R Pi’s or Droids.

It was done, All the new Rust code follows the paradigm and implements non-persistant vaults. It provides a clean clear way of rank for everyone. The longer you are on and behave then you have high rank. Everyone will see data moving so even nodes on for an age will move away form some data and closer to other. So this has a nice effect of spreading the data and rewards more evenly, it also allows (we hope) nodes on for short periods to farm. When a phone is charging and on wifi then I think we will have great opportunities.


SAFE is the best idea I’ve ever heard of. I pray it works.


This sounds like something a fork could use to compete against safenet. A project not concerned with NSA level privacy protection would be able to reward farmers by region, allowing people to make relatively high rewards with weak mining devices as long as the local competition is sparse/weak enough. Just thinking aloud.

I’ve wondered about this. If SI comes about crypto light is the best humans will have. Our stuff will be transparent to it but its stuff will be out of our reach.