Will Distributed Data Networks Bring Digital Freedom?

Excellent article by @Traktion first mentioned in What’s Up Today, but deserving of its own thread IMHO.


It is an excellent read and to the point. All we need do now is deliver. We’re on that.


I don’t think this part " A place where money is separate from the state and is simple and easy to use." will happen. Not sure it would be a good thing. Maybe with AI it could work. Might be good if all states turned oligarchic. But why is a coin needed even to scale the network? Point about P2P setting the price on content is so true and would be more true even with SAFE.


Central banks/central controls have proven again and again over the course of history how flawed the human mind is in deciding how to appropriately distribute funds. AI and distributed systems are the only way to potentially end the boom and bust cycles that we experience. The only reasons they happen to begin with is human error and intentional manipulation. In the US if congress didn’t have the power of the purse and the fed didn’t exist, people would be significantly better off.


It’s impossible to even visualize what kind of great things will happen with the SAFE Network. It will be the dawn of a new age. :racehorse:


A vast digital frontier will open up with access for all. It will be a paradigm shift.