Wiki Structure/Organization/Architecture

Hello all,

As many of you know, I have been advocating the restructuring of the wiki, as it was initially just a port from the systemdocs over to wiki software. In my research, I have come across several articles that people have written on their experiences structuring a wiki. Specifically, these few were very useful in their content as it relates to our situation:

This is a reference list for myself as much as it is a suggested reading list for those who would be interested in administration and curation of the Network’s wiki. Personally my biggest concern with the wiki is that their is a distinct lack of structure and flow, and I believe there are a couple of ways, if implemented, that we can both slim down and make the wiki more effective as a knowledge-base resource.

This starting with categories. As many of you know, there are multiple aspects that one person can concern themselves with on the Network. Those being

  • Core Dev
  • App Dev
  • Farmer
  • Content Creator

I believe that these four categories are the first place to start when segmenting the knowledge base of the Network, and that most - if not all - of the information in regards to the Network falls under one or more of these categories.

Now the beauty of a wiki is that topics can be cross-referenced between categories. So while, for example, the API of the Network is of highest concern to the App Dev, the Core Dev will undoubtedly need to know such details as well. If we can come up with a solid organizational structure based on these four categories, I think that we can create a solid plan for how to organize the wiki. From there, we can expand on the actual content and have the community contribute articles and information and be able to organize those contributions accurately.

So, for whoever wants to be on @team_wiki, how does this look to you guys?