Why not invite Snowden to join MaidSafe?

Snowden Calls On Developers To Champion Privacy By Design


This is a GREAT idea!


Absolutely brilliant idea, what about Julian Assange or Bradley Manning etc too, maybe we should be contacting all prominent people with similar goals - this could massively help marketing.


Cannot agree more!


fantastic idea, this would give maidsafe huge attention. I’m sure snowden and julien are extremely competent coders as well. I am also sure the dark wallet guys would jump on board.

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ed.snowden@nsa.gov has been bouncing I’m afraid :wink:

I’ve been trying to do this on twitter for some time, including this week pushing an “#AskSnowden” question to the #HopeX stream. All these folk (except Snowden) are active on twitter and I’ve been prodding them from time to time but had no direct responses. Both with direct questions or retweets that include them and refer to maidsafe and so on.

We can be pretty sure they’ve seen the tweets, but have no evidence they’ve followed up. By now I think they will be interested and waiting to see if SAFE delivers. I don’t think these folk are going to get interested in SAFE until it is real though. Can you imagine the demands on their time! I did think I might snag Jacob Appelbaum because of the similarities with Tor, but no indication yet.

Bombarding them with info is probably not a good way of gaining their co-operation, so anyone following this line, think it through first.

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Before launching the final application, maybe we should keep low key for a while. lol



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Yeah it’s not as simple as it sounds lol. Maybe it would take a public call out during a big event like a TED talk.

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I agree with Mark. I think that keeping our powder dry until the network is in beta is my preference. I also think that Glenn Greenwald would be a great guy to have on side.



Totally agree with Mark and Nick Lambert (Chief Operating Officer at MaidSafe)

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Glenn is one of my targets - I was following him long before Snowden. Have had some interaction with him, though not on MaidSafe yet, although as I’ve said, he is one who has probably seen my tweets about it. Busy guy!


I just watched latest “Keiser report” on RT and it was all about various aspects of internet snooping, NSA etc. His topics are always about financial stuff and cryptocurrencies etc of which he is a keen advocate. He tweets a lot and I just wondered if someone might want to contact him re Maidsafe or see if we can arrange for one of the team to go on the show. This would be really good publicity as a hell of a lot of people of our general ethos and aims watch this show.
PS they don’t have to go to russia as show is London based I believe. A lot of interviews are also done via skype or similar so won’t even have to leave Troon!


The powder needs to dry and some people are quite busy but I think of Elon Musk. Very busy but has some related expertise and has made some open source moves.

What is most attractive to me about him is that he is literally cutting the cord on oil and carbon energy. The sponsored media always tries to say he doesnt break the enclosure but its not true, my understanding is they are very focused on putting the batteries and the solar cells in the home or business to break the addiction. They are doing it.

I also think that MadeSafe when running would have a tremendous draw for him because its as radical as something like consumer/public antigravity. Replace the internet and with it possibly the corporation and reliance on states.

Best thing is these people would be great to have from a mindshare perspective, but their support is likely anyway if Maidsafe gains momentum.


Keiser likes to trumpet how he breaks the big crypto stories on his show, by having the developers come on and be interviewed.

Not really sure of his true intentions (it is a Russian funded show) but he is entertaining.

I tweeted him to the effect that he had missed the big one, with Maidsafe…so he would certainly know.

He’s well invested in Bitcoin and his own Maxcoin, so he might have a vested interest in Blockchain technology…OR he just cannot go there, given who his boss is.

I’m English but watch BBC, RT today and Al Jazeera so that I can see the different sides to each story and decide what the most likely truth is for myself. Of the 3, I have to say that the BBC is the least informative and most establishment focussed (royal babies…anyone? ) American news has to be the worst, most corporate sponsored junk you can find (think Fox news). Be careful of buying into govt propaganda and having pre-conceived ideas. Reminds me of Orwells 1984 tbh, - anyone for the 2 minute hate of Putin?


The bulk of the BBC is a bit pathetic, but thankfully they still produce and air some rocking journalism or analysis, and for this it is great to have an independent broadcaster that is somehow still ahead of the commercial and cable offerings that seem to have almost destroyed US TV - which now only seems to excel in fictional drama. I say that without actually watching US TV (I’m in the UK too), so if anyone who actually does wants to add some factual appraisal of it, please do. I would certainly be interested in something more reliable than my impressions!

We’re going a bit off-topic here I note! :slight_smile:

Great if you are a royalist or enjoy pope visits and every other bit of sycophantic praise of the establishment. The “somehow” bit isn’t all that surprising seeing as though they extort £150 quid from every UK household, as to independent…meh…I can feel a rant coming on and as you say its off topic so I’ll shut up now…lol