Who/What can stop


I`m new here and I have few early question.

If I`m right and understand well everyone can share there computer power and unused storage capacity if they wish and then the reward is a safecoin. So my question is:

  1. a, Who/What can stop a huge company to come in businesses with “unlimited” computer power/storage and take “all” safecoin?

b, Is it any limit or hardening to company (who easily can reach a given target) to get the safecoin? I mean for exemple if home user share 1GB storage space can collect 1 safecoin so the company (who has a bigger budget and more) need to share 3GB for 1 safecoin. (or something like this)

  1. How much information do need company/governor to collect to know which information are stored?! (if possible at all)

  2. How much data can you share? Is it equal to how much you store? Or is it can be extended for safecoin?

Now that`s all! Thanks for read it!


Hi and welcome @Skal3ton !

Nobody can stop a huge company to join the network, not even the developers itself. If the algorithms are right then this big company can’t earn all the safecoins. This is a thread where someone actually asks the same questions as you: Massive scale maidsafe farm

I hope I understand this correctly :slight_smile: Only the one who uploads the information can see the information. The uploader has got the glue to match the parts, others can’t see anything about what there is stored and where it has been stored.

What do you mean with share? email and personal messages or storing it publicly ? Either way, I’m not sure if I can give you the correct answer but hopefully the other answers helped you :).


Thank you for the link I going to read threw!

Yes you’re right! I was thinking about who can see the data which was uploaded. Plus I was interested if someone take to much chunk of the file they can decrypt it or not? As happened in the past many times someone saying something is very secure than later found out it wasn’t that secure.

In the last part I was thinking on how much data/file you can store or move threw the network!


PS. This project looks interesting! Hope it’s staying live for a long time! (However if it will be that secure I’m afraid someone trying to stop or there will be law which saying it is illegal to use, couse Big Brother can’t see it :slight_smile: )