Who wants to be an admin?

I will be quite busy for the next few days so I’d be happy to give someone else admin status so that they can help configure and tune the forum. Please post suggestions of trustworthy people here.

I’m happy to help out, but I won’t be able to make this a huge time commitment. I’m @danielmorgan

I can’t admit to wanting to be an admin :slight_smile:

I’m an admin for the current Google Group. If this were to replace it and didn’t involve a significant amount of time, I’ll volunteer.

Having said that, I think it would be pretty cool if the main MaidSafe forum had no MaidSafe staff managing it. But maybe it’s not fair to leave all this up to the community?

I’ll go with the flow - happy to help, happy to not help!

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I’m volunteering to help in moderation and administration if needed.

I’m willing to be a moderator but not an admin.

Also willing to moderate.

I can be a mod.
also, +1 for Fraser being admin or mod.


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Hey, I’m willing to co-admin! I’m helping Maidsafe create a builder pod/community in SF and would like to help here, too!

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If you guys decide to include MaidSafe staff - I am more than happy to be involved as an admin. :smiley:

I’m happy to do some moderating too, if you need me

Im not a great coder and at this stage in the game don’t have a whole lot to offer the project. That being said I would be happy to assist with the house keeping and project org aspect. I am a Senior Management Analyst and project lead is something I have quite a bit of experience with. I would really like to assist and I think having the hierarchy element could really use some help to reduce duplication of efforts. Let me know if you would like to discuss further and we can set up a Skype or something along those lines.


I’d like to contribute, including in this way.

Are we approaching the point, where we need to keep any eye on originating IP addresses (a) for sock puppet accounts (b) posters with a nefarious agenda ?

Do we have enough humans, with the appropriate permissions to police this area at present?

Is there in place, an admin policy on how to handle busted puppets and bad machines?

If detected, I would suggest a private message to cease and desist, followed by a second message and lastly a public name and shame of the originating domain.


I don’t…lol

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