Who should we ask in the future to do a Maidsafe explained video?

What if Vsauce explained what Maidsafe is? As some of you may know Vsauce asks and answers so interesting questions. Sorry to sound so cheesy, but he also got over 7 million subscribers, so that would have a BIG IMPACT on a what is Maidsafe video.

Kurzgesagt also got some fun youtube video’s, but they only got 700K subscribers so…

If you know someone on youtube who could explain Maidsafe please add them. What to keep in mind they got to have a lot of subscribers. BTW I’m not criticizing our current video, but it helps to have more eyeballs on Maidsafe. For this time I refuse to become a SPAMKING to get the message out there. I would be willing to donate for this cause, because it’s important that more people know about it at sometime.