If anyone is up for making a new video Ill post it to my viral FB Video Page

I have a FB page with fans in the tens of thousands. I wont show the page just yet but basically think of videos like those seen on Digg and Devour. That’s the kind of stuff we post.

The best video I can find so far is this one: MaidSafe Technology Overview - Short - YouTube

If someone could do a slightly better more appealing version i’d be happy to post it to the page and even promote it.


Post my SAFE potential apps page plz! :smiley:


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If its safe you are promoting then don’t be too quick to promote. If we promote too much before there is a working system that people can easily install and try then you create interest only to have people brand it as vapourware and ignore it in future or at least be highly wary of it.


Yeah sure, that’s just common sense.

You up for it though?


It’s not that sort of page though.

It’s strictly for video content.

I doubt I could.

It was just the standard warning that I’m sure many like yourself know already, but we have some new people that may decide to “evangelise” too early. :slight_smile:

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