Who is the ideal Builder in the new world of SAFE Distributed Systems? C++ Cassandra RESTful JavaScript

I have seen David mention the Cassandra Database a few times:

  • No Single Point of Failure
  • p2p distribution mode

The SAFE core is developed in C++

The API is RESTful:

  • Use HTTP methods explicitly
  • Be stateless.
  • Expose directory structure-like URIs
  • Transfer XML, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), or both

Would an ideal developer hire for a SAFE startup have a mix of C++ Cassandra JavaScript REST/HTTP skills?

I’m a little unsure as to the importance of C++ skills, because of it being at the core and maybe only relevant to POD developers i.e Builders only leverage an API?

It would seem to me, that we take the lessons learned from the best examples of pure RESTful implementations and apply them to SAFE. But then again a lot of these are probably taking heavily into consideration, the limitations of Server architecture and Network bottlenecks, like SPDY: ‘An experimental protocol for a faster web’

What are your thoughts on the optimal way to build on SAFE?


Chris in South Australia