App Development on SAFE Network vs Traditional Net

With the current Internet there are several programming languages, tools, frameworks, etc to develop web apps and websites.

I’m wondering how limiting the Safe Network will be in regards to the web development technologies that can be used for making apps.

The most important thing is the software design, or software engineering.

I wonder how limiting the development experience may be on the Safe Network compared to the traditional net.

Will apps be scalable to millions of users?

Security is a plus for the Safe Network. What are some other benefits compared to the traditional net?

I think SQL will die…

NoSQL will thrive.

SAFE will be a database technology of it’s own.

It will scale better than the traditional web because it is peer to peer and it not reliant on individual servers… (at least 4 copies of any particular piece of data spread throughout the world with many cached copies of popular data near the nodes that are requesting it) The current web needs to engineer in the redundancy and map reduction etc, but SAFE should do it automatically

But it’s gotta get finished first…


This is a really cool discussion (which languages will dominate / die out on SAFE), I think I’ll make a topic for it.

EDIT: JUST DID IT :slight_smile:

The biggest hurdle for developers will be the P2P nature in general. For making apps using web technologies, anything that’s a pure client-side framework will work just fine. But all the frameworks for server-side might be totally useless. Designing apps for P2P is something many developers have never done and aren’t used to. Another hurdle will be figuring out ways to make apps usable and popular given the constraint that every bit of data saved must be paid for.

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So things like Javascript?

You can even do full stack projects with it now