Which programming languages will dominate SAFE?!


I got a really cool idea for a discussion on another thread and decided to make it into its own.

Question for discussion:
“Which programming languages do you think will dominate / die out for applications on SAFE, given how it handles databases, websites, and data? No more PHP? Why? Etc”

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Great insight. But I don’t really understand could you please tell me a little more about this?

I don’t even know what NoSQL is tbh but I’m very interested and I know some basic SQL

I think JavaScript and anything that compiles to WebAssembly. Server side languages (e.g., PHP, Ruby, Java) will not be popular on SAFE, because apps will all be running client side (… however the distributed computation is for now an undefined feature and may change this). Also iTunes Store does not allow apps to dynamically run code that’s not JavaScript. There will be a smattering of Rust apps given that the core project being in Rust will attract those wanting to learn the language and make apps. But generally the difficulty of building binary apps for every platform will be too difficult compared to JavaScript, and wise users will always be hesitant to run machine code unless they can compile it themselves.

As far as describing SAFE in existing database paradigms, it’s a key-value store (NoSQL).


NoSQL usually stores a “document at a time” database – More or less. Cassandra, Mongo, couchbase for example.

It is hard to store SQL relational data in chunked up pieces and retrieve it quickly add on top of that the fact that SAFE is trying to eliminate the server - there isn’t a good place for a database to be installed (Like mySQL or Oracle or Postgres etc)

Because a lot of “Big Data” (Facebook, Google Amazon etc) has their data stored on servers all over the planet the NoSQL has been gaining traction while the traditional SQL databases have been fading a bit.

SAFE will have “microservers” all over the planet - and any piece of data can be stored in SAFE as a data element – I suspect it will become a database of it’s own to one degree or another.

We will have to see how well it works and scales etc…

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It will be very cool to see new languages come out too, built for SAFE.

All of the languages today are built with the client-server model architecture, so it will be very interesting to see how the programming languages evolve