When can we play?

I get this email update every week.
I honestly cannot remember for how long time - but I’m starting to wonder: When?

When will we see an email with: Next week we will have a beta client ready for the public to try ?
I have bought MAID for months on end - but I have no solid idea of what MAIDsafe really is - apart from some kind of storage system…
I miss to see something like an UI or try a client or similar to get a real idea of what it is and what we can expect.
I’m a patient fellow - but honestly - it’s wearing thin on this loooooong wait - forever and ever…

Guys - come up with something for us to try, see, play with…pretty please :slight_smile:

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What updates are you getting and … not reading? Seriously, if you can’t be bothered to read the weekly dev update and then post this, who’s patience do you think is being tried?

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Did you mean to post the 2014 link? (Todays would be better)

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First you can kindly stop patronizing me.
You didn’t read my post very well then.
I read the whole dev update as I do every week, but I am not a dev, I am a normal joe average user, and I cannot see any links where I can download a client to try the goodies.
That’s what my post is about - you may be much more talented and insightful than me - but as an outsider to anything developing/programming I have no idea if there is already something to average joe’s to try.


The answer to “how long” tends to always be “as long as it takes”.

It is really hard to estimate how long it is going to take to solve problems you have not discovered yet.

But if you watch the code, it does seem to be making very good progress, and there is a huge amount of light at the end of the tunnel. It isn’t just a pin spec anymore…


Alright - thx.
Just hope it will be before I end up in a casket :smiley: - that I get to see the baby before…


So you read it and didn’t find download links. Well no, there aren’t download links, but it is pretty clear when those links are expected. This keenly awaited part of the project has been featuring in each weekly update, and is again addressed in the current one. Perhaps you should read it more closely before posting.

Oh I do read it - but as I said - I’m not a developer or programmer so I don’t understand much of what happens. So reading the updates just leaves me with: hmmm ok - still coding - so I’ll have to wait.

I guess what I’m trying to hint at is that not everyone understand all this expert talk and info.
I have tried many times to go to maidsafe.net, and clicking around - but no change for maybe more than a year?
Not a developer, not an app maker so the last option is farming, but clicking that link takes me to the same info page which has been there all the time.

I just wish there would soon be some substance to show to the masses, which includes folks like me, who are still genuinely interested, but becoming impatient as time passes w/o much coming onto the table. maybe behind the scenes there is, but to the public, not much.


This gets updated regularly and although it may make little sense to a non-developer at least the progress can visibly be seen

Well we’re all eager/impatient, but I’m surprised you can’t see from this week’s developer update when you can expect to have something to download and play with. Let’s just say that there should be something before the next developer update, which can be downloaded and installed, and will allow someone such as yourself to do some simple things on the network - with as much help from the forum as you need. No promises though - I didn’t write the bloomin’ thing!

I’ll leave it here.
I hope my wish will be heard, and that someone responsible for the project will come up with other than coding talk to the masses of average joe’s out there.
Not in here, but on the official website.

With respect there’s no point in communicating to and getting the masses all excited until there is something the masses can use, and that isn’t this week or next. But each week the dev updates make it clear that this is moving closer quite rapidly atm.

I like your enthusiasm for the project and reading your post. I get that you are very invested in this project,
I am too. but I do think the tone you address dazh is kind of patronizing, just my opinion. I follow the Jira dashboard and github I see the progress and I see that David is amazingly working seeminly 24 hours a day on this as well as other people in the core development team. that being said there are people that are as invested both in interest and financially in the project that don’t necessarly have the time, knowledge and curiosity that you might have. shunning or critisizing people for the lack of this or eagerness for the network to be up and running in my opinion is wrong. especially when this project is about people being able to voice their opinions and making it easy and accessible for everyone! to do just that!

We all want the safe network to come to fruition, that’s why we are here. that’s why we’ve invested in maidsafecoins. the core developers have made it clear that they just can’t say an exact day when it’ll be out but will work their butts off to have it as soon as they can. This project in my opinion is not about how much skill the developers have, not about how one person moderates this forum, what one person’s opinion in this forum is, how much time David is putting into this (even it’s quite impressive), how many developers are working on it, if dazh reads the Dev update or how much more money one person invested in maidsafecoins.
it’s about everyone even people that have not heard about the safe network yet. everyone is important and everyone matters. David Alone can’t make this network happen with out the Investors, Investors can have as much money as they want but they won’t make it without Davids knowledge, David and Investors together with money and knowledge wont have a network without you that keeps cheering them on, David, Investors and you won’t have a network without eager interested people like Dazh or myself.

so with all due respect please for the benefit of this community if you are not going to help someone don’t answer their question!

btw if the devs update is clear to you then please do share!


Thanks for the feedback.

I was certainly short with him, because he said he was following the dev updates but had seemingly not read the current one (or recent ones) closely enough to realise that what he was asking for was explicit.y addressed. I helped by pointing this out and referring him to the update so he could check this for himself.

I completely agree that this is not about any individual, and that we all matter. That he is free to express his opinion, and when I’m not moderating, I’m free to express mine in response.

I do this more freely sometimes than others, here it seemed to me like he was being provocative, perhaps trolling, so I was robust. Not censoring him, but giving an honest response.

I knew my words would come back to bite me. I’m only surprised it wasn’t @janitor using them. This is a fair point, and I realise that I don’t live up to it all the time.

I’m not going to interpret the update for you today. You’re free to read it and ask for clarification, and I’m sure someone will respond if you do.

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Janitor Syndrome strikes again!


This kind of is the official website. This “decentralized-network” project belongs to the world-wide community. MaidSafe (the company) is prominently building the idea into usable software, but there are lots of other groups and individuals who are also building it with them. (Look for SAFE-Pods to find other developer teams - https://projectsafe.community/pods/)

Of course, this forum site is more of a “back office” for the project. We’ve got people talking through technical, social, marketing, conceptual aspects of the project. And some of that filters to the Company’s official site.

If you’re buying MAIDsafe coins, then waiting and looking for a “product” to use them, I’d recommend learning more about what this project really is. It’s far more than a product – it might underpin several revolutions.

It’s an alternate (decentralized) version of the internet, it’s a secure and distributed storage drive, it’s a monetary(value) exchange platform, it will eventually be a parallel-processing computer… and so many other things.
To find out more, start here: Why the SAFE Network Matters | SAFE Crossroads
After that, this is the best collection of everyone’s resources in one place: https://projectsafe.community/

Yes, we all want it to be here. But it’s coming in stages.
Keep in mind, MaidSafe (the company) has been working on these ideas for over 8 years. (They’re trying to make a new internet from the ground up. Our current internet originated in the 1960s.) There was an (unrealistic) expectation of the underlying software being released last fall, following the crowdsale of MAIDsafe coins. But it hasn’t been until the last few months that the developers are making significant, measurable progress toward releasing public-ready tools for this network.

With the code-sprint they’re just completing now, they’re expecting an alpha-release of some of the underlying software. Alpha testing is the level BEFORE “public beta-testing”. Beta testing is the stage where developers work out the bugs with lots of other people trying to break things in lots of different environments (outside of what the developers can do in their own labs). This ALPHA testing is a preview release to test that some of the processes work as expected. That’s what we’re expecting to see released this week.


It’s perfectly natural for people to get antsy and want to see results. People have money tied up with this. But this product will take time, and there is a speed/quality tradeoff. I definitely want fabulous quality and I am willing to wait.