What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson

Yeah, I put this in Strategy because it’s all about freedom and the internet. Maidsafe should be the tool to protect us from potential media blackouts. How can we as the maidsafe community build apps that will protect? Can we?

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First think is you reject any form of sponsorship categorically. Sponsorship means your money and attention are used against you. That is the point.

A loss of net neutrality will mean that ad companies increasingly get to determine who we can communicate with and for how long and for how much. It will reduce choice to channel. Its as if the internet were their property and was just being fattened up for the slaughter. Who does reducing its functionality serve?

The ad industries business model is based on coercing attention and that model is leading to the destruction of the internet. That business model needs to be eliminated. If technology progresses that same model of coerced attention will end up meaning loss of bodily control for increasingly extended periods of time. The same sensibilities that apply to rape need to be be applied to for profit coercion of attention, there won’t be any degrees, do it and be out of business.

The answer is sousveillance.


+1 for cop watching.

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Miami mayor wants to put bodycams on every cop…

…police unions are opposed to the measure…

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I don’t know what the misnomer “net neutrality” has to do with this.
The problem is fascism, in this case private corporations that act in the interest of State (in order to gain political favors and benefit from rentier capitalism).

Net neutrality is a totally absurd concept. It would be possible were the Internet and telcos owned by State.
Since they aren’t (although they’re heavily regulated by State, which is a different problem), they’re private property and their owners have the right to decide what kind of services they want to provide, how and so on.

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I would love to see people adopt “In the Interest of the species” or planet as their absolute minimum requirements for all business decisions and court cases. It would transform us quickly and allow innovation to be pushed forward.


Next stop, mandate that all public employees declare any binding oaths they are under.


We should invite police to take advantage of SAFE Network technology when it’s ready. There might be uses which could benefit LAW Enforcement.

Journalists will benefit as well. Abuse will likely be recorded as it should be.

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What the hell do police unions have to hide?

They expect us to have no privacy but they want to hide?