What does Maidsafe do that Synereo doesn't?

What does Maidsafe do better or different from Synereo?

Been tying to get people interested in the SAFE network and a few people today have said they’re doing the same thing as Synereo. Looks like there doing decentralized internet and apps also.

“Synereo’s blockchain 2.0 platform is a blockchain-based technology stack. According to its developers, Synereo enables applications, sites and web-services to operate without relying on centralized servers, effectively transforming how the Internet works.” - Silicon Valley’s NFX Guild Picks Synereo to Decentralize Internet

I thought Synereo was a social media platform?

Looks like they’ve pivotted because ‘a social media’ platform didn’t get enough attention. Now claiming to go for what Maidsafe already proved they can do? Any working code already?

I’m highly sceptical of Synereo to be honest, only hear about them when they’re having another crowdsale…


SAFE doesn’t use a blockchain. Network speed on SAFE is in 2-digit milliseconds. I’m not sure how fast blockchains can ever get, but it’s not that fast – probably by a long shot, comparatively. SAFE is also a smart system that ranks users on their ability to deliver/contribute to the system. There’s probably a lot more that can be said, but I don’t know enough about Synereo to know just how the heck they’re going to use a blockchain to decentralize the Internet?


A lot of things. MAIDSAFE has been built at a lower level to get rid of servers and the existing DNS system - Synereo is still built on top of a centralized server based internet, meaning it is susceptible to all the attacks that the existing internet is susceptible to.

Furthermore, In a decade or so, most blockchain tech will be IN the Safenet. Which, IMO, seems to make Synero redundant.