This article claims 'Synereo" is building on the Maidsafe platform

Does anybody knows anything about this ?


Someone else commented about it on the article itself, they seem to have mistaken Maidsafe for Mastercoin/OMNI

colortwits • 27 minutes ago

Synereo and AMPs are not at all on the Maidsafe Platform. Synereo will have its own network and the AMP token will be supported by the Omni platform (Mastercoin). I would correct that as it’s the wrong information.

The professionalism in journalism in the crypto-scene leaves a lot to be desired… So many of them regularly mix up platforms and technologies, it makes me wonder why people should visit these websites.


I see the article has now been corrected. We have been speaking with the guys at Synero and they seem to be working on how they want their backend to work and how/if they will integrate with the SAFE Network.