What Does it Take to Succeed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

A great primer on DAO’s, mentions MaidSafe:

Crypto-based Technology

The blockchain and cryptocurrency-based protocols and platforms are just enablers for the consensus mechanism. Typically, these are open source decentralized consensus and decentralized trust protocols that enable the irrefutability, verifiability and veracity of all transactions and smart programs.

These protocols can be general-purpose (eg Ethereum, bitcoin), or special-purpose (eg La’Zooz for decentralized transportation or MaidSafe for decentralized storage). There are 3 additional functional components that should be included in the technology platform:

a) A user data layer, with an assumption that data is owned by the user, and only accessible in a specific aggregate or blind form by the DAO.

b) Smart programs which are the actual transaction engines.

c) Various API’s to interface with value-added services or partners that are ancillary to a DAO.


Just came across this site https://daohub.org/

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