A Declaration for Innovation in Trusted Social Sovereignty

Is this something that has relevance to SAFE? It seems aimed at blockchain and some non blockchain technologies that are rolling out the DAO concept.

A Declaration for Innovation in Trusted Social Sovereignty

The following are some guidelines for social technological design and innovation to further social sovereignty and sustainable self-governance.

  1. All peoples shall have a sovereignty of equal and unobstructed access and control over the data, algorithms, sensors, and other means by which their unique biological and behavioral identities are to be defined and recognized.
  1. All peoples shall have the sovereign right of global self-assembly for self-governance, whereby any individual can form their own Distributed Autonomous Organization or Enterprise with others for the production and allocation of resources, goods and services.
  1. Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) shall:

• Continuously evolve to achieve requisite transparency needed to achieve both accountability and trust.

• Continuously evolve to reduce transaction and coordination costs.

• Use contracts and agreements that are self-executing and self-healing.

• Keep open and secure logs of performance/activities of all members of DAOs to achieve transparency and to encourage learning and self-correction.

• Minimize sanction costs and penalties to avoid litigation costs, adverse countermeasures and needless social disruptions.

  1. DAOs shall have the right to self-governance using experimentation and the invention of new mechanisms for participation, governance, adjudication, dispute resolution, allocation of resources and proceeds, inclusion, exclusion and market exchange.
  1. DAOs shall have the authority to issue digital currencies and form digital asset exchanges that reflect the values and interests of their individual DAO, which shall be free to trade and exchange for other currencies of value.
  1. All peoples shall be able to rely upon an independent and open global commons to provide the technological support for open digital identity, governance algorithms and metrics so that claims of authenticity about individuals, groups, things and processes can be independently tested and verified.
  1. All individuals and groups shall have sovereign control over their personal data assets and their right and ability to move them easily from one Distributed Autonomous Organization to another. No DAO or other party should be allowed to coerce an individual or group to relinquish or share data or services that violate their personal dignity and agency.