What Do I Do Now? Bought In Crowd Sale

I am a little confused what to do with the MaidSafeCoin which I bought in the crowd sale.

I opened an OmniWallet. I can see the coins before I log-in by using the balance check and entering my address.

Should I move them to a wallet, and how do I do that?

I would like to buy more. I have a MasterXchange account where I assume I can make the purchase.

After I buy do I move them to a wallet?

I have two laptops. One has Bitcoin Core Wallet, up to date, with a nil balance. I use Electrum to keep my BTC.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Its up to you where you keep them until you can exchange them for Safecoin on the SAFE network.

Until then it makes sense not to keep them all in one place as I’m sure you know there are risks, although I think that not being bitcoin probably reduces that risk quite a lot.

So keep them where you feel they are safest. You don’t need them in a wallet until you want to move them. So you can either leave them on an exchange, which might be hacked, on at a BTC address which is safe so long as your private key stays private.

So beware malware and keep any machine holding the private keys as clean as you can (anti-virus etc.) and preferably keep your keys encrypted with a password and also backed up. Options for encrypting your keys will depend on the wallet software you are using. Electrum is a deterministic wallet with a seed, so in this case keep the seed safe and you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the information.

They are not in a wallet at this stage, they are just on the blockchain, is that correct?

If I wanted to move them, how do I do that? Because they are not in a wallet.

Then you need a wallet AFAIK.