What can we trade for MAID right now?

Hey guys I was thinking the other day it might make sense to set up a little market for data storage hardware. I mean once the data layer is live that could really pick up from people wanting to buy/sell farming equipment. Wondering if anyone else has some ideas right now? MAID is just as good as any other crypto to do some kind of market in. We are always speculating about the other uses of safecoin besides just buying PUTs on the network. Can we make something happen right now? It sure won’t hurt the price of the coin if there was something you could buy with it TODAY.

I think you will find most holders of maid understand its a proxy token and own it for either A) Crypto #bigGainz if maidsafe does ever launch or B) Holding for actual utilization on the network. (Or combination of A and B)

I think the folks you will find looking to sell MAID coins for a physical good right now will be few and far between.


Everything I own is for sale for the right price. I accept cash, btc, and maid. Make an offer :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, I do not have a store and I don’t think anyone here lives close enough for me to provide electrical services for. I have been paid in crypto before. It was awesome.