What are your freedom ideas for the safe network?

Saw this topic…

But many freedom services and activities that support the rights of people are not money generating.

With the cheap, secure and safe SAFENetwork.
What little corner will you put up a fight for?


How about an alternative to Airbnb, where a traveler could actually see where the property is and talk to the host before renting a space. An open reputation score could replace Airbnb’s “security”. Maybe a combination of SAFE and Solid would be good to replace the monopoly of booking.com as well. I just want the possibility of renting a room without being tied to a single software platform or company as middleman making money from the lack of separation of data and software.


Hey @Sascha, you can see locktrip.com - hotel booking &
vacation rental marketplace with 0% commissions. Of course, the last disadvantage of centralization remains…


Second life 2.0 where people can add an infinite (or close enough) amount of new content for a low cost. Well that would be a dream. If I was really gonna do it I would not tell you lol. Throwing it out there cause I would love for someone to “steal” my idea :slight_smile:

not sure if that’s what you meant by freedom ideas. I think it would bring more freedom to my entertainment though! It at least supports peoples freedom of expression by giving them a better tool to make their art with. And ya it is maybe or maybe not money generating.

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A SAFE Junipero would be interesting😎


I’m looking for a regular job. I also dislike LinkedIn. I hope SAFE will host a site for professional networking, i.e. a searchable database where employers and employees can post their requirements and resumes respectively in a standardized format without e.g. Microsoft taking a piece of the pie. The format is important. Maybe Solid has a solution for this. I find it frustrating having to enter my education, work experience, language and computer skills and so on over and over on different sites that require different formats and having to update them all separately.

(I’m a (computational) linguist and I’m fluent in Swedish, Finnish, Russian and English, in case anybody here is interested.)


Could you fit your skills/requirements in a tweet and perhaps a few of us can get it out there for you? I am not sure what computational linguist is so perhaps make it clear what you are after if that makes sense.


Good point. I’m surprised block chain projects have not yet picked this up yet.

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Thank you, David! I do appreciate that. I don’t want to spam this topic or turn it into my personal job search. Come to think of it, maybe we could have a special topic for job ads? I guess computational linguistics (Computational linguistics - Wikipedia) or language technology is pretty much just applied linguistics. And stuff that gets applied nowadays usually gets applied using computers. :slight_smile: I’ll go something like:

perl -pe 's/ /\n/g' * | egrep "^([Tt]he|[Aa])$" | sort | uniq -c

and I have the number of articles in an English text corpus. Maybe the words following are nouns that I can pick out and do something useful with. I also have experience shoveling horse manure and, of course, taking care of chickens.

I’m not a snob and I don’t have many “requirements”. I have some skills, but they are difficult to describe in a tweet, but I’ll think about it. I’ll do pretty much anything that pays a decent living wage. I can relocate easily. If anybody wants to PM me, I’ll send them my CV for sure.