Website creation

when safe network launches how is one going to create a website without having access to web tools like importing java libraries using the HTML code.
I am wondering if anyone would give a five step tutorial on how to create a safe web page. As today websites are created mostly on the dependence of plugin like you tube and internet payment services.

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We have countless of topics. Use the search function.

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What makes you think we won’t have access to things anymore?

You can totally use HTML, CSS, JS, etc etc all on SAFE. There’s a discussion about this somewhere on the forums telling that you can make simple or dynamic websites just by putting the files in your SAFEdrive and having an index.html for formatting.

You can then link to it as: or

Nothing is lost when switching to SAFE


Static websites are easy - no different on SAFE - and you can already do this on your own local SAFEnetwork if you follow the instructions in the August 31 Dev Update.

Dynamic websites are more difficult because… no servers! But it will happen… search SAFEpress for an example of how and see for more info.


mmmmm, I am just seeing if anyone is expert web designer here I was interested paying someone with some skill for for a template I had in mind.
I was also interested to see if anyone was going to import the java libraries for forms templates and video codec players.