Watch My Bit$xx

$xx = ".com"

@warren, these guys are right up yo alley!

:diamonds: Viewers pay you directly with Bitcoin–no ads!

:diamonds: Your potential audience has increased by billions

:diamonds: Charge as little as 9 cents per view

:diamonds: Keep the vast majority of what you earn


Don’t you think the current price is too high? Maybe not if you pay a dime for a couple hour movie? Like better when its SAFE coin. But good find.

Well I didn’t really analyze existing content and prices, my point is mostly about this:

  • Authors (not just any “uploaders”) can post their stuff
  • People can choose whether they want to reward them (the site takes a tiny cut) while knowing with pretty high certainty that the money is going to real authors
  • Reasonable privacy

Yeah it’s not decentralized, but for authors and many viewers, this is a nice solution.

Yes it really is pretty awesome. I guess 9 cents is a floor based on site overhead. I’d like to author lets end user set price above the floor, also bulk subscription on all content forms and redundant service providers for competition. Is revolutionary. Just have to see abot the strings on the 9 cents. Better not work out to nine cents a minute. Will come down though.

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Not if there are buyers and sellers of content who mutually and voluntarily agree to transact at nine cents. If the price is too high, there will not be any buyers at that price and the market will force the price lower so that supply and demand reach an equilibrium point. Ah, the beauty of free markets where everyone gets an equal voice in expressing what they deem to be fair.

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Well that could be in this case as long as competition holds. Its not the case with cable TV where the very high subscription price is wed to ads.