Vdash - dashboard for Autonomi nodes

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Hey I’m trying to install on ubuntu server os via ssh and I get an error when doing the install vdash cmd

follow the VPS guide topic and in there you see the instructions if you want to run vdash. It’ll install the required packages

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Also see the OP of this topic.

Oh im not on a vps i was just access my local machine through ssh

I followed the instructions to install but it didn’t work I’m not sure what I’m missing?

Probably build-essential sudo apt install build-essential

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what does this do?

It’s just some build tools, won’t harm at all. sudo apt update first. pretty sure it will sort your issue. :crossed_fingers:

then I should continue starting from home network or using the node-port start?

That will hopefully sort the issue you posted above linker cc not found it will not solve your peer issue.

ahh jeeze I got too much stuff going on haha didnt realize which thread I was on lol

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That makes no difference, if you haven’t got the development packages then it still won’t work. The guide has the package you need to install.

This is the specific line to use if intending to install vdash

sudo apt install -y unzip fail2ban && sudo apt install ufw -y && sudo apt install screen -y && sudo apt install build-essential -y

Notice the build-essential

There was a reason to get you to look :wink:

If you don’t have the tools then no amount of talk will get it working


I am trying to install vDash on Windows, after installing Rust and the Windows libraries, I typed in the CLI: cargo install vdash and here comes the option Select option 1, 2 or 3 but the manual doesn’t say anything about it, what should I select and what does it refer to?

You want to say that you launched rust installer for windows or? I think that vdash installation with cargo doesn’t have any options it just install the latest version.

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If I’m reading the instructions correctly, Rust should be installed first:

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@happybeing can you explain what needs to be done?

All I know is in the README. If you can show the steps and the results and post them here someone may be able to help.

But you need to show all the steps and the result of each one.

  1. I downloaded the file Installation - The Cargo Book
  2. In the terminal, I received this message:
Rust Visual C++ prerequisites

Rust requires a linker and Windows API libraries but they don't seem to be

These components can be acquired through a Visual Studio installer.

1) Quick install via the Visual Studio Community installer
   (free for individuals, academic uses, and open source).

2) Manually install the prerequisites
   (for enterprise and advanced users).

3) Don't install the prerequisites
   (if you're targeting the GNU ABI).
  1. I installed Microsoft Visual C++ redistributors for Visual Studio
  2. I typed the command into the terminal and got a message:
>cargo install vdash

Select option 1, 2 or 3

What should I choose and what does it involve?

No Safe, no wave.

Thanks, but I don’t understand this so let’s start with some clarification. I can infer the answers but want to be sure to save mistakes.

What OS are you using?

Which of the options did you choose in step 2?

I see you say you then did cargo install vdash

and got the response:

Select option 1, 2 or 3

That doesn’t make sense because cargo does not to that. My guess is that you didn’t correctly complete step 2, and that you typed cargo install vdash instead of typing ‘1’ to install the VC++ redistributables.

If I am correct, you need to go back and do step 2, and type ‘1’ followed by ‘return’.