Valencia Meet / Alguin quiere cervezitas? / Anyone for beers?

No se si tenemos SAFErs aqui en valencia (españa), pero si hay gente aqui quien quieren tomar algo y hablar un poco SAFE Network cosas, organisarmos algo (no necesita ser muy formal, cervezas y charlemos simplamente la primera vez)?

O, si coneces un otra meetup aqui en la ciudad que podria aconsejar, avisame, ne he encontrado much ‘tech’ muy frequentament.

Not sure how many SAFE folk are here in Valencia spain, but if anyone fancies a wee meetup to chat SAFE things, that’d be rad. We can keep things informal and just get some beers in first time, and see where we want to get to at later meetups.

Or, if folk know any good techy meetups here in town let me know. I’ve not had much luck finding anything frequent on as yet.


Que tal, eres nativo valenciano?

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Nono. Soy de escocia. Aqui por un año ya y creo (quizas) tengo sufficiente español ya para hablar un poco mas (y quizas sobre la proyecto :open_mouth: )

Valenciano: “No pasa res… mol ben…” that’s all i’ve got of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, Scottish. Been here for a year though so maybe I have enough Spanish now for chats / chats about the project :smiley:.

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I was wondering your nationality based on the style of your grammar mistakes in Spanish, it was a nice mystery :wink:

A few spellings you made could have passed as Valenciano (like freqüentment), but there were a few gender and number mistakes that wouldn’t normally happen to native Spanish speakers… and also it didn’t look like machine translations since it wouldn’t have misspellings and typos.
So I was thinking that you were either a native English speaker who was learning Spanish or someone who was raised speaking Catalan exclusively.

Are you permanently residing in Valencia?
I would like to visit the city, it sounds awesome.
@digipl is from Spain but I don’t remember which city.


Ha, yeh still learning. Still confunded by gendered language at every turn :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh permanently here! (Though was happy to escape some of august, OHMY).

Also not against heading to other parts of spain for meetups etc. I guess madrid / barcelona may be more fertile grounds for meetups. Valencia seems to have quite the barren tech scene.

Where are you based @piluso?

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Your Spanish is actually impressive for someone who lived for a year.
I am currently in South America, so I am a bit far away :wink: