User created assets now open source!

To the artists out there let’s talk bitcoins Adam b levines concept of user created assets is now open source and available on github. Awesome addition for artists on safe.


Nice catch, some details of the platform:


The official CMS platform used by the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Network

Primary Features (to date)

Content Management System
User Account / Profile system w/ private messaging
Blogging platform & RSS feeds
Forums/Message Boards
User participation reports (for “crypto rewards” program)
Counterparty token distribution system
Bitcoin address management/verification & Counterparty token tracking

Features coming soon…

Token Controlled Viewpoints
E-Commerce system w/ built in support for bitcoin and token based payments
Q&A (stackoverflow style) system


Great stuff Adam is a really decent chap I think. I have only spoken briefly with him and he was very cool and balanced. Everyone I know that knows him has only good things to say. I am delighted he has done this though. I will not be surprised to see it on SAFE, maybe the project99 folks will take this one up as well @chadrickm @dllasoff @we_advance

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I bought a SEBUH token on counterwallet in June!

I really hope to see it deeply integrated into anything artistic @dirvine! Haven’t seen many posts from you I hope you’re escaping for light and fresh air!

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I did spend a day out on Saturday. @ioptio though was around and there were long conversations about launch which was beneficial to all. I am back in dev again with this new workflow system, its looking great, but a big change that will speed us up a lot.


Great to hear :slight_smile: the workflow is a huge addition. We’re all pulling for the team and excitement has not died down in the least so cheers and looking forward to more success and progress.

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