UK Surveillance Legislation: A Question of Trust – Report of the Investigatory Powers Review

The UK’s anti-terrorism watchdog today released a comprehensive report into the state and remedies of UK surveillance powers. He has IMO been a fairly rare sane voice amongst the establishment figures with some grasp of this area. His recommendations would at the very least be a big improvement on what we have currently, though of course government may cherry pick them into pointlessness. Still, a slightly positive development in this area for once! :slight_smile: (Apart from SAFE of course).

Here’s the report:
A Question of Trust – Report of the Investigatory Powers Review

Statement on release included here:

Guardian initial comment:

I wonder the Conservatives and Labour both have a long way to go understanding the new reality and then the opportunity in front of them.

In the Common’s earlier today, Theresa May appeared to be expecting simply to follow through everything the LibDem’s had denied them previously… and tried again to maintain that “the Snooper’s Charter”, is a misnomer. “b…b…but it’s what they’ve always done… nothing new, just the same for the digital age.”

Hopefully they won’t be reckless wrt encryption but there were more references to his smugness the Cameron’s thoughts on the matter, than there were to notions of liberal values. The SNP and then less so the LibDem’s, may put up a defense but the dull normal ConLab, were simply suggesting that everything the security services do is important and necessary… just like every other war on nouns.

However, one quote worth noting, from Theresa May this morning:
“You can only enjoy your privacy, if you have your security.”

I would go further and suggest: you can only have opportunity for freedom, if you have your security, which requires privacy. SAFE cannot do everything but it’s a big step in the right direction. The bill they were talking of, appears to be expected early next year, with the draft this Autumn. SAFE perhaps will be one step ahead on all fronts.


UK Gov’t Report Backs Mass ‘Extra-Territorial’ Data Collection, Mentions Bitcoin, Ethereum & Maidsafe

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Well said.

I have to say I’m amused that people who do not intend to use the traditional Web are paying attention to what the government says. Who cares what they say?

Government-resistant privacy is coming… There’s no need to pay attention to the government. It is they who should pay attention to what’s going on out there and (if they’re smart, which I doubt) adjust, meaning take it easier on wars they’re initiating all over the world.

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