TV show "The Good Wife: Open Source" Insight

I really don’t want to admit I watched it, but the topic matter of S6E15 of The Good Wife was very revealing to the strategy of anti-open-source corporations. “Florrick/Agos/Lockhart take on the case of a man paralyzed by a malfunctioning gun created on a 3D printer…” It was very fascinating how, who, and why they went after the open source developer of the 3D gun. I felt like it was good preparation for me for those future “around the water cooler” discussions.

The whole thing was crap, but to dismiss the power of the legal/government/corporation trifecta has over the average person would be an error in my opinion. Is there anyone else out there that saw the episode and are willing to admit it :grimacing:? What was your impression?


So how many episodes leading up to Series 6, episode 15 did you watch? :smiley:
Out of respect for your “coming out” of the Good wife closet, I will not take the piss… I have caught an episode or three…before hastily switching over to something more macho of course. I didn’t see the particular show but given the scenario you give, it sounds like there would be loads of interesting legal/moral arguments - who would the “manufacturer” be in such a case if the injured man made it himself? What were the main points?

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