Trust level 3 baby!

just got trust level 3… now how can I abuse this? Lol just kidding. I have wanted to do polls many times in the past and now that I actually can I can’t remember what I wanted to poll.

Oh how bout this one… when Fleming comes out should we airdrop test-safecoin according to how much MAID people hold.

  • yes
  • no

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Excuse me - where is the “I just like voting” option?


No one wants every Tom dick and harry knowing how small their bag is.


lol oh there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Actually what I am really curious about is how the real huge bags will impact the ecosystem. Will they just always outbid those guys with a small… bag… and the small bag guys never can get any action from the network?

Like that’s why I would vote yes to this (other then the fact it will pump up my huge bag of tricks)… Just to do an experiment and see how the variable of “bonus” SAFEcoin that doesn’t come from the regular farming economy changes the game.


So, you are suggesting give maids for free? Wouldn´t it be more interesting if people earn maids? When something is free most people won´t give it the credit it deserves… I guess there should be some carrot held in front of them so then can go where they will be driven to… Safenetwork has so much to offer, I am sure it will be desired by most people. As I far as I can see, a lot can be done, created , achieved with it! So I suggest we come up with something people will feel satisfaction reaching for. A little bit of programming and marketing will do the trick, although I have no idea what can be done…hhahahha… !


I was trying to be tactful.
It’s more of an issue of those with big bags painting a target on their head.

And how much work would it take to set up?
Time that could be better used elsewhere imho.

How would it be done.
I’m certainly not exposing my pvt keys to collect test coin.
Not everyone runs a regular wallet that they can sign a msg to prove ownership, or so I imagine.

I like the idea of earning them tbh as mentioned above.


I think he’s suggesting giving “test safecoins” to those who will get real safecoin anyway (as they hold maidsafe tokens now). They’d only be useful on the test network for a period of time and would give us an idea of how large bag-holders might use them on the network? (although I don’t know that we’d see much of the same behaviour as they are test safecoin and not the real deal.

Then don’t expose your bag! :wink: Just because you receive them doesn’t mean you have to use them.

However, I think the only way this would work would be to burn (or do some kind of pass-through where your tokens are returned to you) existing maidsafe tokens for testcoins and I don’t see anyone doing that … hence …

I don’t think this is a viable proposal.

But an interesting idea generally. Perhaps just give out test safecoins to forum members - and the higher your level on the forum, the more coins you get.


Well giving a set number of testcoins and then additionally one coin per like you’ve received up to sept 2019. And one coin per like given up to sept 2019 and then one coin per day you’ve visited the forum.

That’d be just as fair (but really isn’t fair) as giving equal number of test coins as MAID one holds.


Rob I like your idea! But I think the opposite should be the case - one coin per like you’ve given :wink: Giving is caring! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you read it all? :wink::smile:

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Ok, but I need to claim them.
How am I going to do that without someone having access to the data?

Edit. There is also the issue that at some point the test network becomes live, and data uploaded is kept for good on the live network.
Meaning big bag holders could essentially be being given alot of free data storage.


I’m sorry … my brain is still asleep :smiley: It’s a national holiday and not a working day in Bulgaria… :wink:

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Well it could perhaps be done semi-anonymously, but honestly I think this proposal would end up in the “too hard box” for most, which means IMO that there isn’t a good enough reason to go through all the trouble of organizing such an exchange (as in the OP).

A simpler distribution based on user level and/or post likes as @neo suggested is a more realistic idea I think.


yes that is exactly what I am proposing

why exactly would you be against passing your MAID to the company for a short time then getting back all your MAID plus that many test coins? I mean when they host the actual exchange it will be something like that. I would actually say an additional benefit is testing out what’s the best way to exchange from the blockchain into the SAFE network.

It really depends on your definition of fairness. At a base level I think we can agree all people being treated equal is the definition of fairness. But then the question is equal in what way. I think everyone getting 1 test SAFEcoin for each MAID they hold is in fact equal treatment even if the outcomes are not equal. I mean the way farming will work is kinda like that: everyone has equal opportunity to invest in farming, but some will do so more then others and hence get more rewards (but still an equal amount per unit of farming they invest in)

Whether or not I would be isn’t a big deal of course, it’s whether or not many people would … and I suspect they wouldn’t be that interested - unless, possibly the test-net is going to be around for a really long time.

I don’t have a clear logical answer for you @andyypants, it’s just a gut thing.

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