Migrating between SAFE and it's decendents

It seems a logical inevitability that other networks will be forked based on the safe code just as other altcoins were created from bitcoin. However I think running multiple networks concurrently will be easier given the structure of how SAFE is set up. You’d just have to devote space in order to farm coins and then load up another virtual drive on your computer. Theoretically you could have as many networks running as you had space to farm for them and space to host them and it would be as easy to transfer between them as it would be moving a file on your computer. From a network perspective we might struggle (or not) to transfer from one network to another but I think the low tech solution would be to just take one file, transfer it from SAFE to one’s computer and then to SAFE_Clone network. I’m sure this process could be improved on and automated but it’s doable and I don’t see it impeding the creation or use of multiple SAFE like networks. I’m just wondeirng where it would all lead.

Elsewhere on the forum I proposed that farmers will run multiple distributed storage projects on the same h/w (not necessarily forks of MaidSafe, but maybe Storj. MaidSafe, etc.). Certainly it’s possible to run forks (if any) as well, assuming ports don’t conflict, etc., but I would expect that differences will be not significant enough to justify that.

I don’t think that’s the real issue. Remember, you don’t get to decide anything since your vault hosts chunks that belong to others.
Even for your own data (files), you can’t store them on your own vault, so you couldn’t move it from one vault you control to another vault you control.

You could make money by farming MaidSafe and Storj, but that’s it.
Professional farmers will farm the most profitable coin, as they do now with bitcoin and other coins

Why is any of that relevant? As I understand it when loading safe it appears on your network like another hard drive even though in reality it’s distributed across the entire network. Why is it relevant you don’t get to decide where the data actually goes so long as you get to copy and paste into “your” space that you paid for wit your safecoins? As I said from a technical perspective this could get complicated because in actual fact what you’re doing is reassembling data and decrypting it, copying it to your hard drive, then copying it to another network, encrypting it and dispersing it again. However from the end user’s perspective it’s just a simple case of copy and paste from one drive to another and takes a few mouse clicks.

I thought you were writing that from the farmer perspective. From the user perspective, yes, you could do that, and a simple shell script could be created to do that for you.

It’d be (relatively) pricey, to GET from A and PUT to B, so you’d probably want a good reason, especially in the case there are no monthly charges.
In my own use case scenario (I expect to use MaidSafe for “DR” of my backups), I’d backup to another network (which would be cheaper because no need to pay for GET first). Only those who don’t have an offline copy of their data would need to GET data before PUT-ing it to another approach.