Transferring from HitBTC exchange to omni wallet

Is the address you send to, the BTC address already present in the omni wallet?

Yes, it is. What is the current withdrawal fee from HitBTC?

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556 maid costly

The exchange are looking for about £50 to take them off the exchange…gangsters! I’m wondering what it will cost when tokens are converted to erc20 as anything Ethereum cost plenty. I did a BTC transfer the other day and got a big shock. Fees are becoming ridiculous. :woozy_face:


MAID is sent as a BTC transaction. The transaction amount is small at something like 500 Sat (0.00000500) but the fee is high with some here saying up to like 30 to 50 dollars. At that rate 50 pounds is not as bad as it sounds.

Normally HitBTC withdraw fees are outrageous by the number of complaints here in the last couple of years, but if its like 50 pounds then it seems better than normal.

With BTC transaction fees being so high at the moment moving MAID is an expensive exercise.

Another reason why the snap shot method (for MAID) for the exchange to SNT will be the preferred way to go.

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