TomP2P - Java P2P Library

Found this Java P2P library with a nice video introduction that also mentions Maidsafe. Java programmers may find this interesting & useful.

official site

TomP2P is used in academia in several projects at the Communication Systems Group
and several papers were published that used TomP2P. It has also has been sucessfully tested and used
on Android. TomP2P is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
(with the exception of net.tomp2p.natpmp, which is LGPL).


Written in Java.

No thanks.

As unfashionable as Java maybe, its still the number one programming language in the world. (Did you not read the title before clicking the thread?)

I am a beginner, can use this software to replace server queries that often website need to input data like name and password and contact details.
As I have questioned this on the forum and only get directed to safe press forum thread that really do not get the answer, I am looking for.

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Don’t give up if you don’t get your question answered at the first step! Just keep clarifying it patiently and I’m sure someone here will be able to answer. I directed you to SAFEpress because it’s an example of how we can do the things that servers normally do, but without servers. Sorry if it didn’t help, but please just ask again. Find the most suitable topic and post there - your original question topic maybe? Or if there isn’t one, start a new topic.