Tips now accepted

Apparently, people can now tip me… :smile:

ChangeTip Integrates With Online Comment Hosting Service Disqus

This is Discourse :smile:

Lol… :smiley: Are they similar?..Seems like that changetip is doing well though in the micro-payments area.

Disqus is used for comments after an article and Discourse is the forum platform we’re on now :slight_smile: , but they also collaborated with Slack so maybe someday :smiley:

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Disqus(ting) is a data mining enterprise.

The fact that many (if not all) decent ad blockers block their comments tells you all you need to know about them.

I’d bet that in addition to collecting whatever they already collect, if you enable BTC tips, they’d also ask you for a scan of your ID and all the other info they still don’t have.

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